Friday, August 27, 2010


I just received my first ever blog award! Thanks so much, Gloria! I have to say that I feel honored. When I bloghop to gain ideas and inspiration, I think of me growing as an artist, and don't feel as I have that much to teach/inspire others. But it is good to know others check back here from time to time to see what I have been up to in the realm of creativity.

And now for how I got into blogging... I started this blog as a spawn off of my other blog. It is based on who I am as a teacher, my ideas and happenings in that area of my life. But then I started blog hopping and being inspired by the creative ones and decided this blog could be a way to share my work with others. It has really taken off this summer, as I am done with school and I feel I have (at least a little) free time.

Now to honor 10 blogs I love to visit:
1. Tammy's Creative Tidbits-as my mother in law she always has a word of advice, be it how to enhance my artwork or get ink out of a pair of jeans. Her artwork constantly makes me want to learn more!
2. Penny Duncan Creations-a new friend and amazing artist. She designs cut files that make me want to buy that SVG program really badly (the PDFs just aren't the same)
3. Free Digital Stamps- has taken me so far in the couple months I have know of their existence. A daily visit is essential for those of us trying our hardest not to spend lots of money on stamps.
4. Creative Mind of Sylvie-I happened upon this blog by chance, and can't stop returning!
5. Glitterbabe-Not only do I love her creations, she leaves fab comments on my blog as well. I love to read what others think about my work!
6. Inked Inspirations-I have gazed in awe at many a card at this wonderful blog. I have also found out about quite a few challenge blogs via Inked Inspirations :D
7. Stampin' When I Can-don't let the title fool you! She updates almost daily and with fabulous creations, challenge sketches and newly discovered blogs!
* The last three were really difficult to pick. I wanted to honor more, but 10 is the deal...
8. Digital Two for Tuesday-Faithfully uploading digital images, especially great vintage ones. I have used many and enjoy browsing through the large selection often.
9. Becky's Happy Crafting Place- She has such great images and insight into life. I love seeing what she creates and looking at the occasionally uploaded pictures of the ones she loves.
*This one might have been the hardest, because I typed it knowing others wouldn't get the honor of being named...
10. Especially For You Cards- Always passing on candy possibilities and of course, displaying her wondrous cards, Dora has been awarded a spot on my frequent blog hop stop.

Much thanks to you all for inspiring me daily, weekly, or however often you have time to create your masterpieces.

Please take the time to honor others, letting them know you appreciate the time they take to upload pictures and share their creations with you. Smiles!


  1. Hi Brandi,
    I am delighted that you are enjoying my blog. Your blog is looking great too I love your creations.
    Big Hugs
    Sylvie x

  2. Brandi, thanks sooo much for your very sweet comments!! Can't wait to see what your next creation will be!!
    Jodi =)

  3. awwww brandi! you are just too sweet. thank you so much for YOUR sweet comments and for always putting a smile on my face. this award is well deserved and congrats to you!

    thank you soooooooooooooooo much for sharing it with me.

    hugs :)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out! Cheers to you!

  5. Awww how nice of you, thank you so much for thinking of me too :)) xx