Saturday, October 6, 2012

Small treat bag

I know I've been absent for awhile, I've been absent from my crafting as well  :(

The other day my sister in law pinned something via pintrest that caught my eye, I repinned it and came back to it this morning, as I found something to use it for. The original inspiration is here. Basically what I did was copy (her?) template and made a file so my cricut could cut it (I'm not great at cutting straight). In the future, I will probably add more things to dress it up, but since this was put together quickly (I needed it for this afternoon), I just added a rhinestone and some lace.  I just taped the flap closed, you could close it however you like.
The sides are open.
And a picture of it opening up (you can see the little gift I included from Amazon-I like to buy things like this to have on hand in case I should need a quick gift.)

So that's pretty much it! I have a feeling I will be using this cute little treat bag in the future!