Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Star Wreath

I wasn't going to do a 4th of July decoration. And then I became inspired by these two decorations:

This one is from Lowes (I saw it on Pintrest). They used what looked like paint sticks for the base. And I've been inspired like crazy by this lovely lady:
Her name is Emily and I'm lucky to know her in real life! She make the cutest crafts and is selling them on her etsy site to help pay for medical bills for her sweet baby boy. Anyways, I've been seeing her cute decorations and I was inspired by her to give it a whirl.This is the one that gave me the idea for the blue in my decoration~ isn't it the cutest? Yeah, you should go support her here!
So, I went around my house looking for something to be the frame of my star, and I found some flimsy plastic hangers. So I arranged them and glued them (bare with me, it isn't perfect). 
Then I wrapped it in a paper bag (so you wouldn't see the hangers through the rope).
Now, I didn't get a picture of the next part, but I basically wrapped twine around the arms (gluing with hot glue occasionally) and circled it in the middle. Then added blue paint to create more of a flag-like look, kinda like Emily did, above. Below are the shots of the finished piece. The twine I got from Dollar Tree, it's technically a clothes line (so it's coated in wax). It's 70 feet and I used almost 2 whole ones. Since I had the hangers, paper bag, paint and glue, this project cost me $2, for the rope- can't beat that!