Tuesday, February 25, 2014

$4 Winter Wreath

If you know me, you know that there are some things I won't spend much money on. Decorating is one of those things. I see absolutely no reason to go spend $25+ on a wreath that will hang for a few months and then be taken down because it is the end of the season. I'm also very much in love with the fact that our new house has a perfect wreath hanging spot.

So, this wreath was inspired by pintrest (where else?). I found the lovely tutorial over at Fox Hollow Cottage. I loved the idea of her burlap roses, but I wanted color. I was thinking white and blue would make a fabulous winter wreath.

The cost breakdown: $1, floral base (I wanted the one like she had, but Dollar Tree stopped carrying them), $2 for the ribbon, $0.25 for the glitter flower--it was suppose to be a poinsettia, but I didn't think it really looked like one. But I got it marked down after Christmas because of it. My favorite part, it has an alligator clip on the back, so if I want to use it elsewhere, I could! $1 coffee filters, I used 26. So, yes, I rounded down, technically it was $4.25 for the wreath! Other supplies included: water, blue food coloring, hot glue, scissors.

To make some of the coffee filters blue, I folded and twisted them the same way I will do for the white ones (picture below). Then I dipped the tops in water with blue food coloring. I used about 1 cup of water and 6 drops. Basically, I played with the color until I got it the way I liked it. I let those dry overnight.

So to  begin, I wrapped the ugly green foam in the ribbon. Basically, I didn't want to see it through the wreath. 5 yards got me this far, glad I bought 2 :)

Then you stick your hand in the coffee filter to make it this shape:

Twist the bottom, and you are good to go! I found it easier to make several and then glue them, make several more, then glue.

My foam was a smaller circle, so I quickly realized that I needed to glue them more to the outside of the wreath. Too close to the inside, makes for not a very big hole in the middle ( it took some trial and error to figure that out). If I had a bigger frame, this wouldn't have been an issue.

I attached ribbon to tie it with and the flower. I really like the way it turned out! Here is how it looks up close:

 Ans a bit further back :)