Sunday, February 27, 2011


I just want to share with you my frustrations in crafting today. I'm sure you've all had those days where you just want something that (should be) simple, but turns out to be a disaster and an hour later, it still doesn't look the way you want it to be. That is me today. I took pictures so tomorrow I can laugh at my misfortunes; and so you can realize you are not alone in this. I got this cool svg file of a crib and was so excited to use it as a pocket for journaling. I decided to make the pocket to go with it before cutting it (it still isn't cut). I had this piece all glimmer misted and was going to use it. Even though on my SCAL screen the lines went all the way across, my markers didn't draw it that way. Off to find more yellow paper.
I found some, but forgot to take the marker out and put the blade back in. Darn it! Tried to cut overtop of the marker, but it didn't work as well as I thought it would.
So I turned off the cricut, put the blade back in and hit 'cut' on SCAL. This is what it did:
Not sure where that came from! Finally, I got it to cut where it was suppose to and draw where it was suppose to, adjusted the lines so it should draw all the way across (I even over-extended them) and they still didn't go the whole way!!
I gave up and free-handed them the rest of the way, but they aren't straight :(
So I decide to cut a star border to go with it. But guess who forgot to reset the pressure on the cricut (after doing the marker)-me. So it didn't cut all the way through the first time. But I was able to cut it over the first cut mark and it worked fine (thank goodness!)

Sorry for the ugly carpet in the pictures. Didn't think they were worth setting up the right way.


  1. So not cool. Those are the kind of days when you go do something else for a while.

  2. you really have to laugh, but i feel your frustration!

    hugs :)