Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Drats, I forgot my camera!! Today I drove 2 hours to help my sister set up her new dog grooming business and I forgot my camera. I guess I wasn't thinking at 7 this morning when I left... We did lots of cleaning, swept and mopped, went to look at a dog table (which she is going to get), set up her files for bookwork and we made her a proper sign for her front door. I cut vinyl with my cricut (for the first time all by myself) today. I think it turned out lovely. I took a picture with my phone, but wouldn't you know, my phone didn't come with a cord to plug into a computer (which I didn't realize until I got home). Anyways, her front door looks something like this.

Puppy *
* Salon

Well, the formatting on here is giving me troubles. . . the S in Salon should be under love lined up with the P in puppy. In Ravvy font. With the astrics being paw prints. The 'Puppy L*ve Salon' is all in Black and the other two paw prints are in white. The paw prints are slanted so it looks like an animal is walking up to the right hand corner. . . . wish I had a picture to show you, but I don't :(

Should you find yourself near Kewanee, Illinois and needing a wonderful pet groomer, email me at brandicriminger@yahoo.com, and I will give you her phone number.

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  1. The mini purses are about 3inches high!!!
    Thanks for looking at my blog.