Friday, November 12, 2010


Attitude is not often seen as a good thing; but over at Digi's With Attitude! Attitude is in~and once you look at their digis, you will see why-they are absolutely adorable! That is one reason why I am honored to have received the 'My Blog Has Attitude' Award. And the best part about the award? It comes with a 5 dollar gift certificate~yea! As part of receiving the award, I am to tell you three things that make me unique and pass the award on to 5 others (so you can have a chance to get your 'tude on).

Three things:
1. My passion is teaching children. Right now it's preschoolers, although I would love to get a job teaching elementary or middle school students.
2. I am easily excited (for instance, I jumped up and down when I won this award)
3. I think technology is great, but it sometimes takes away from the beauty God gave us. Nothing makes me happier than a walk in a gorgeous park with someone I love.

Now for Five Folks Who know How to Bring Attitude :)
Tammy of Tammy's Creative Tidbits (a crafter to whom I can never compare)
Stef of Glitterbabe's Greetings and Glitterbabe's Challenge
Sid of Harpie's Crafty Corner (a man who is an expert crafter~a rarity)
Jen of Jen The Crazy Scrapbooker (although she does lots more than scrapbooking)
Melanie of Courtney Lane's Designs

Click HERE to see what you need to do to get your gift certificate.

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  1. yep, you have the tude for sure! thank you so much for thinking of me.

    hugs :)