Friday, November 19, 2010

Painting Backgrounds

I was nannying and the little one wanted to paint. He showed me where the materials were and there were no watercolors, no kid-friendly materials, just acrylic paint, brushes and sponges and a paint smock. So we painted. And I decided that although I'm not a painter (at all) I'd give it a whirl. This card isn't done yet, I need to add flowers to the right-hand side. But I wanted to post a picture before it got done, so you can see what a terrible painter I am ;) But I'm ok with it.
I will say that I tried really hard on this one, and I'm not really pleased with the outcome. I had an image in my mind, that didn't work out (it never does) and I think my idea clamped handcuffs on my creativity. The image is from a public domain site by Karen. She ha a bit of everything and they are all free.

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