Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Using up Scraps

I read about a great way to use up your scrap pieces of paper in a magazine the other day. You can find instructions on how to do it here. But all in all, it is really easy! Mine looks different from the ones in that picture because I was less uniform in how I tore the papers. I like mine better :) The first picture is the finished product: two paper bowls (the second one technically was made from a cup and was much more difficult than the bowl).
After looking at my scraps, I realized they were mostly purple, pink, yellow and black. So I just used those scraps (I had more, but wanted the colors to go together). This is a picture of them drying (I did end up adding a few more pieces in places that seemed thin or you could see through).
Just the cup-finished product. The tag was one that didn't work out, and was thus thrown in the scrap pile-although you could cut out images to further decorate it. Or add a couple stamps!
The pink and purple-side shot (I like taking multiple shots from multiple angles).
Looking in...
That is it! Not sure what I'm going to use them for yet. I will find a use, I'm sure :)

Not sure this goes with any challenges. Maybe Anything Goes, something round. But I will understand if they don't take it!


  1. I'm quite jealous of all of your beautiful cards and art!!
    If this is what people do who graduate and can't find work, I look forward to January then! :-P lol. I'll drive down and we'll have art days :)

    I love making those bowls out of old paper---haven't done it in forever (now I'll probably have my Cloverbuds do it this year.

  2. Very inspirational!!!

    Thanks for joining us at Anything Goes this week Chanelle xx

  3. Great project. Thanks for joining us at Anything Goes this week. Love Kerry x