Friday, November 29, 2013


I've been seeing so many wreaths on Pintrest lately, that I decided to make one myself. The deal I made was that it had to cost less than $5, and it did! This is the tutorial I used, but I'm sure there are lots out there! I love her colors! So off to the thrift store I went, in search of ornaments (I stopped at a few dollar stores, but it would have cost me more to make them there). BINGO! I got a whole bag (really should have taken a picture) of random Christmas things for $2.99. It had lots of red silver and blue balls. I had the wire hanger and the glue already (you need to glue the tops on, or they won't stay). I've seen many tutorials saying you need 80+ balls. I used 53 and my wreath is 15 inches tall. So I guess it depends on how large you want it to be. $3 and 30 minutes later:
 I need to add a ribbon bow at the top. I figured I could do that later, since it won't go out until Christmas.

I love the way the red compliments the brick so well. I've always loved brick houses, but had no idea God was going to give me one! So there you have it, a Christmas decoration completed.

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