Sunday, November 10, 2013


Looking around our house I realize how much room I have for things like decorations that I did not have in a one bedroom apartment, gasp! I know, you are shocked. We didn't have any fall decorations. And my husband said we didn't need to buy any. So I decided I would make some. I should have made more, but then school got busy again and this was all that happened. Oh well, at least I have something!
I made these guys out of paper towel tubes cut down. My hubby said I couldn't spend money, so I used what I had. I was inspired by some pumpkins I saw... not sure where that were made from Mason jar rings. They looked ok, but I don't love the country look :) I then painted the "rings" and added a bit of glitter, really hard to see in the picture. Hot glued them to the scrapbook paper stem and added the leaf (cut from scrapbook paper).

I made two! They are displayed more creatively now. I found a 3 tired candle display at a thrift store for $1, so I put them on the sides and added some burlap roses on top. Looks way cuter now. Just a peak into my "too busy to be super crafty" life :) Happy fall!

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