Saturday, April 14, 2012

Tee Shirt Scarf

What an idea! Taking old tee shirts and turning them into scarves! I first saw this on Pintrest and fell in love. You can find my inspiration here (no need to have an account, I linked to her blog). There I found the video on how to create several no sew scarves. The video on several scarves is here. With all this inspiration, I had to give it a try. I am part of an online garage sale site for my area, so I posted I was looking for large tee shirts to craft with. I had one generous lady give me several her husband no longer wore (although my husband snagged the batman and joker one, a kid at heart). Still, there were lots to use. I also bought some other shirts for .25 each from another lady, so I had plenty to work with. Overall I spent about a dollar and have only used 2 shirts and a small portion of another. They will go a long ways!

In the making (see links above for tutorial):

I'm a girl who likes diversity, so I made these to be changed up a bit. I deviated from the video by cutting my spirals about an inch thick, instead of 2. This made the strips longer (as well as thinner) and I didn't have to put two together. I didn't tie them together in the back. Rather, I draped them around my neck and just tied them in front. This way I can separate the white and the blue for a couple different scarves.

The flowers are also interchangeable. I used this link to make my flowers. Since I wanted to change it up, I took a strip of the tee shirts and added velcro.

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