Friday, January 14, 2011

Flower Power

So I've been busy making flowers, of all sorts and kinds. They are fun and I have even experimented with some colors I would probably never use. But, I'm being creative, as these flowers aren't for me (and the people they are for could be more adventurous than I). Who are they for, do you ask (you didn't have to, I was going to tell you anyways), the winner of the January Diva of the month Challenge over at Creative Scrapbooking Divas. The challenge can be found here (feel free to join in, the more, the merrier). I will undoubtedly make more, as I seem to be yes... addicted~I'll join a support group next week :)

The Roses and Cala Lilies are Penny Duncan's files, and are surprisingly easy to assemble (she has tutorials on her site). The others are borders wound into flowers with cricut cut-outs on top. There is glitter on several, but it is difficult to see in this picture, so much prettier up close. Interested in these particular ones? Check out the challenge. It is open until January 30th.

I'm not sure if this counts, but 2 Sister's Challenge blog's theme is flowers, so I'm entering my hand made flowers.


  1. O wow Brandi, these are awesome, love them xxx

  2. Brandi these are really good. The ones that aren't your colors, you will use cause the are someone's colors. :) Great thing about it!

  3. These are gorgeous!! Thank you for playing along at 2 Sisters. Your flowers definitely count as an entry into our challenge. We accept anything handmade that falls into the challenge theme and since you made these gorgeous flowers you definitely have an entry into this week's challenge. I've got to learn how to make my own flowers. These are stunning.