Monday, January 4, 2010

Thank Yous

This Christmas I was blessed to have friends and family and almost family (my fiance's family) support my hobby of crafting. Because of this, I received a Baby Cricut along with a few cartridges to get me started and a wonderful tutorial DVD. So these are my thank you cards experimenting with my new toy :)

Card#1: Jubilee Celebrations font. This card was originally cut without the idea of the dark purple behind it. But after cut, I decided it needed a little something, and it was added.
Card#2: The sled image is from the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge and the font is Jubilee Celebration with the backout special feature.
Card#3: This is my favorite one. It was after I discovered some of the basics that I cut this one out. The THANKS font is from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge. The Shadow Blackout feature is used for the blue and no feature is used for the brown. The snowflakes came from the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge, special feature silhouette. And the squares were still the snowflake button, with the card frame feature used (I popped out the smaller squares and used the largest one).
Card#4: Thank you was done in Jubilee Celebrations font (with a oval cut out around it-next time I will figure out how to do this with the Cricut :) The blue paislies are from the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge with the shadow feature selected. The snowflakes are the silhouette feature, also from Stretch.
Card #5 and #6: I was playing around with my Cricut markers and wrote thanks from the Jubilee Celebrations font. The rest is just layered cardstock.
Card#7: Unfortunely, the colors on this one did not upload well. It is suppose to be a teal and a purple, but the camera did not take the picture well. The Thank you is from the George and Basic Shapes cartridge, slotted feature. I decided I love this feature and next time will do the letters big enough to fit ribbon through them :)

Going back to school next week, I am excited about the bulletin board possibilities now available to me (mostly on the My Community cartridge) with my Cricut. I have some ideas that are just itching to get done!

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  1. Awesome start. Wow you will probably blow right by with skill. Stay warm! Hugs